That was a solid day – Pt2.

Next I headed to the Palace of Fine Arts where there were several wedding parties taking photos (bubble background accents are always welcome) and a multitude of my 4′ fans under the big dome. And thanks to the big kids who joined in on the fun too!

We took a pause on top of the Fort Mason Green to watch the sunset.

Pinkie at Fort Mason at sunset








I curbed around Pier 39 on my way to AT&T Park, Union Square and along the Embarcadero… but have to describe a moment near Pier 39 when I passed a gaggle of kids whose first impression on seeing my bike at night was awwwwe-oooooooh, which 5 seconds later and exactly in unision, turned into EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! once they saw the bubbles… Of course this cracked me up which set off a chain reaction of laughter from the group of tourists walking towards me who were laughing at the kids and laughing at me, laughing at the kids and probably also laughing at, “Oh my, the things you see in San Francisco” kind of a moment.

All totaled, I rode 26 miles and must agree, THAT was a solid day.  🙂