THAT was a solid day – Pt1.

Sunday was gorgeous. SF really never suffers from bad weather. I don’t mean to rub it in. I’m from the Midwest. I know bad weather and SF doesn’t have it. But this Sunday was especially exceptional. In fact, I heard one gal exclaim while packing up at sunset at the park,——————”THAT—was a solid day.”———————

(Being chased by bubbles—of course…)
Earlier that afternoon, I set off towards Fort Point. After braving some traffic, I arrived at the glorious mecca of splendor, Fort Mason Green. (I’m pretty sure someone Greek wrote about it and what a “feast” it is.) I then passed the Marina Green; the kites, athletes, tourists. All the usual suspects you’ll find in this famous and beloved area—the San Francisco waterfront; the view, the water, the air, aaaaaaah.

I decided to head down to see my new friend, the Wave Organ and ended up meeting this fella, Roger Glenn :: Sax, Flute, Vibraphone. He plays the flute, sax and vibraphone and what the heck is a vibraphone?! I shared with him that I also play the flute and the Native American flute—not professionally and in widely varying degrees of success. 🙁 Anyway, we met because we happened past each other and he asked me what I was doing?

Roger Glenn :: Sax, Flute, Vibraphone

That’s a common question, what or why. I’m also frequently asked if I’m getting paid or selling tulips? I guess it’s “kinda” unbelievable or surprising to see the B&P combo or it’s just so-over-the-top that many people don’t really know what to ask. 🙂  Or maybe they think I suck and get stuck with that question or they hate bubbles. (Believe it or not, there are bubble-haters.)

So, if the main question is why? That’s fine. The answer IS the question.


I respond, why not? I honestly haven’t checked my reality clock lately, so I’m not certain if I’m wrong or they’re right or why the answer to any question is anything other than, “cuz it feels good.” Or more importantly—right. Or why there’s even that question?

But ———definitely because it makes most people smile, especially kids. And I love how kids grow up to be adults who then turn into parents who are instantly transformed back into children when they see bubbles through their child’s eyes.  🙂