Keep Bubblegirl bubbly!! Donate here!!

Thank you for coming to my donation page!

Since 2006, I have donated my time & bubble juice to hundreds of events all over SF and that means hundreds, possibly thousands of gallons of bubble juice which is expensive! Please help me stay bubbly! 🙂

I used to say I got paid in smiles but it’s become too expensive for me with all of the events I do throughout the year, so I now accept donations. The money you donate will go towards buying more bubble juice, new rechargeable batteries for my bubble machines and some much needed maintenance to Pinkie—like new tires, a new rear hub and a new peddle crank. I’ve had a wonderful time bubbling all over SF. I’ve made many friends and I’ve especially enjoyed delighting the little kids. I call them my biggest little fans. I even have some big big fans. 🙂 There are lots of adults who still love the magic of a bubble, myself included.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and taking the time to make a contribution! I truly appreciate your generosity.

Stay bubbly y’all!!








One thought on “Keep Bubblegirl bubbly!! Donate here!!

  1. Dear Bubblegirl –

    You are awesome and bring a huge smile to my face! We met very briefly at the beginning of the summer; I’m a keyboard player who has put together a customized trike that holds a keyboard & amp. There were many delays with my project – so I’ve missed most of the street fairs this season – but I’m FINALLY ready to get out there. We should connect! I’d love to pick you brain about the whole undertaking & see if you have any event contacts you’d be willing to share. I have a video file I can send you – it’s all I have right now since I’m just getting started but I would give you an idea of what my setup looks like.

    Hope to hear back from you,

    Jennifer (aka SF Triker)

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