Bubbledash! August 25th, 2013

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This August 25, 2013, Bubblegirl has been asked to “encourage” the walkers/runners at the BUBBLEDASH to make a dash for bubbles!! I’ll be riding Pinkie and blowing bubbles along the route of the 5k from the Fort Mason hill to the end of Crissy Field and back. Part of the proceeds go to: boostoakland.com – a mentoring and tutoring program. More deets about the race here: picnicdash.com After the race, there will be prizes on the Fort Mason Hill -AND- Bubble Man Mike Ashe will be performing! *How in the world have I not heard of this person!?* I’m so excited to see a bubble show, besides mine, of course! sfbubbleman.com I’m pinker. 🙂


Route map:

Bubble Dash Map

Bubble Dash Map