A hOppy day!

Union Street Easter Parade

Union Street Easter Parade

Easter Sunday April 8, 2012 was definitely a hOppy day! It was the Union Street Easter Parade. I’ve been doing this parade for about 5 years and it seems to be the perfect place for me to dress like a pink bunny, ride my bubble bike and collect hundreds of smiles from my biggest little fans! I joined the parade behind the skating Cow Hollow skaters, a big fan favorite, led by David Miles – the Godfather of Skating. Cow Hollow used to be a pasture for cows. So appropriately, the skaters dress like cows.

Tom Vick skates w/ Cow Hollow skating cows.











I made a lot of big little friends. This little darlin’ was exceptionally enthralled with my bubbles and bunny self. I’m pretty sure I got a cavity from all of her sweetness. 🙂

Adorable sweet little fan in 2012.

Bubble bunny fan in 04/2013

Adorable sweet little fan in 2013












There were lots of other friends to be meet that day including the hoola hoop bunny lady who could do amazing hooping tricks with her furry little friend sitting on her shoulder and giving her bunny kisses. 🙂

Hoola Hoop Bunny Lady

And these silly wild animals!

Silly Wild Animals









And there were some big friends who joined in the Easter Parade celebrations, like Ray who I was very happy to see after a long illness.

Ray of Light aka Pitcrew












I was confused that I received more than a few questions or comments from my biggest little fans asking if I was Lady Gaga and one other character I can’t remember the name of… Gaga? Really? I guess that’s a good thing? I guess I am fanciful in her way. Maybe it was the wig? I guess for this event I was even more of a caricature of my Bubblegirl alter ego. I never intended to become a character. I’m just doing what I love to do. Blow bubbles, ride Pinkie, dress up and create smiles! What’s not to love?!

Bubblebunnygirl? 🙂













It was a fantastic day and I slept very well that night with my Easter basket full of smiles. 🙂



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