Guide français, moi?

Le Guide du Routard 2011

On September 18, 2011, I had already enjoyed a fun day thanks to the vibrant neighborhood designated for the Sunday Streets Chinatown route. Later that same day, I had nearly been busted for bubbling on the GGBridge but was gratefully sent on my way with a warning from a friendly officer. (Bubbles: a threat to National Security.) What happened next… was the bubble on top.

On my way home after descending the Bridge on the SF side, I paused to hydrate. While fueling up near the Palace of Fine Arts, I made a couple of new friends with very obvious French accents who recognized me…


They approached and asked, “Do you know you’re in a French guidebook?” My response, “What?” Their response “A French guidebook.” My response, “What?” Their response, “French. Guide. Book.” My response, “Oooooh! Really? No way. You’re kidding!” Their response, “No. Really. French. Guide. Book.” (I’m sure what they wanted to say was: “Stupid American! I’m speaking English!”) But, they showed me their guidebook anyway and no kidding! I am in a French guidebook! How cool!!!

Here’s the translation from a friend: ‎”It looks really fair on Sunday in Golden Gate Park when the street ways are closed, the American couriers showcase on rollerblades, disc golf and freestyle disc, drum circles. We saw a young woman and her bike with pink sequins blowing bubbles of happiness.”


I love it! Bubbles of happiness!!!  😀

I was recently fortunate enough to bump into some French tourists who had the 2012 version. I was excited to find out that I’m still mentioned in this year’s California edition in the section about San Francisco and GGPark. I’d like to point out to all of my x-boyfriends that, according to the French, I’m a point of interest in the U.S. State of California. And in conclusion, I feel the French are an incredibly refined and selectively sophisticated group of discerning people .  😀